God Fills Teeth

It's a miracle!

"While you watch, you'll witness amalgam fillings turning to gold, while crooked teeth are straightened and, even quite often, new teeth can be seen growing in!"

Testimonials: After two oral surgeons and a dentist told her she needed a root canal, which would cost around $1,000, retired nursing assistant, Audrey Rowley, of Clearwater, Florida, said of her new gold filling: "I spent nearly 30 years in the medical profession…I know how crazy this sounds…I'm still in awe of the whole thing. Now I have the insight that the Lord can do anything."

"My glaucoma and high blood pressure were both healed." -Louise Metzger, Garden Grove, CA

"My skin cancer healing was confirmed by the dermatologist." -Linda Gunst, Richmond, VA

"After a year of excruciating pain, the hernia is completely healed." -Faye Channing, Ojai, CA

"You have truly saved my life- and changed my life forever." -Colleen Adams, Cheyney, PA

Willard Fuller: Minister of Healing to the whole person.

For the past 43 years, this man of faith has traveled throughout all of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Australia, and both the British& French West Indies, ministering to the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of those who are seeking truth. Over 160,000healings, 40,000dental, have manifested, as a result of his ministry.

Willard Fuller, who has academic degrees in Business Administration, Electrical Engineering, and Theology, has had extensive academic training in psychiatry and psychology, which together with the experience of counseling thousands of people, make him a much sought-after individual counselor. His work can be described as sacred psychology, a psycho-spriritual approach.

Founded in 1968, based on the teachings of Jesus, the Lively Stones Fellowship, Inc.(I Peter 2:5) is an international ministry with an interfaith perspective.

Sponsors have all said: "What Willard promised, came true. Cavities were filled; amalgam fillings were transformed to gold; beautiful shiny crowns appeared, where before there were none; and many other bodily healings were manifested. It was truly a faith-building experience." Larry Swartz, Minister, Unity of Tuscon, AZ

"During Rev. Fuller's hands on healing services, I have personally seen teeth move, silver fillings turn to gold, facial bone structure of the jaw move and shift into alignment, silver fillings appear, gold crowns appear and existing fillings disappear. This healing experience comes with my highest recommendation." -Barbara Waterhouse, Minister, Center for Creative Living, Ashville, NC

"We watched as cavities filled, old fillings turned to gold, crooked teeth became straight, and gums healed, right before our very eyes. Some of our congregation reported they experienced deep healings of one kind or another in physical, mental, emotional and circumstantial areas." - Michael Beckwith, Minister, Agape Church of Religious Science, Santa Monica, CA

What the media have to say: "God does, indeed fill teeth" -The New Times (Seattle)

"This man is a veritable traveling tooth fairy." -The Toronto Star (Canada)

"Impossible n'est pas divin! Nothing is impossible for God. Proven by Willard Fuller." - Journal De Bienne (Switzerland)

"Doctor's blackened fillings became shining precious metal." -Psychic News (London)

"Loads of People left the Atwood Center with 20 carat grins." -The Anchorage Times (Alaska)

"Holy Molars! A faith-healing dentist that, with old-fashioned prayer, brings help to thousands." - Baltimore Sun (Maryland)

"He leaves behind him, in Brisbane, people with gold fillings, plus other kinds of healing." The Australian (Australia)

"Cavities filled, broken teeth crowned, gum diseases healed along with many other kinds of healing." Omni Magazine

Also featured in articles in Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Women's Day, The Time Life Books, and Woman's World.

On radio & TV on P.M. Magazine, Good Morning America, Larry King Show, Primetime CBS, and The Geraldo Show.

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